Membership Information

TRAQ’s new membership year starts on October 1st each year.  The Committee has determined that we continue with the ongoing low membership fee of $20.00.

Membership Benefits: 


    • Generous TRAQ Entry fee discount at the following events:
        • Mt Glorious – Sunday 13 November 2022
          Register Here
        • Pinnacles – Sunday December 11th 2022
          Register Here
        • Brisbane Trail Marathon – May 2023 – TBC
        • Walkabout Creek – June 2023 – TBC
        • Lake Manchester – August 2023 – TBC
    • 10% discount on all registrations at AAA Racing & Coaching events:
      Take a look at their calendar, HERE

    • Membership of Queensland Athletics and QRun – this affiliation allows us to maintain our low membership fee and our participants and events are covered by their insurance 

traq volunteer hub

TRAQ is looking to engage with more runners who want to give something back to the community, in the form of volunteering, and gaining an appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes to make events happen.

Whilst we often require volunteers for our own TRAQ events, we also support a many other events, even as far as North Queensland.

In 2023 we want to expand this initiative and build a hub of volunteers that are in a database that, eventually, all Queensland trail running events can access if they need help.

The mechanics of how this will work are a work in progress, but it will be up to the individual to nominate themselves to be added to the volunteer hub, and when an organiser needs help a generic email will be sent out so they can to opt out or help out.  More details to follow.

Email for further information or follow us on Instagram and Facebook:



traq merchandise

Our TRAQ Merchandise Store is now open for a short time until the October 25th, and will be available for collection at our Pinnacles event in December or you may arrange to pay for direct delivery HERE