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Each year, participants have the opportunity to earn points in every TRAQ event towards the TRAQ Trail Race series.


The  2023 Pinnacles Classic has been postponed and will now be staged on September 24th.  Any updates will be published on the event page, on social media and by mailshot (to registered participants)

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I’m sure we all wish it was a bit cooler like this right now in Qld 😂😂If you are a TRAQ member, you’ve got mail. Your November email has just been sent and you get first look at who our great supporters are in 2024.If you are not a member then join quickly today for just $20 at and we can flick you a copy of the email and inside mail #trailrunningqld #traq #trailrunning2032 #brisbane2032 #jointoday #membershipdrive #summerseries #traqsupporters ... See MoreSee Less
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Next up in 5 Question’s we have SRG’s Colin Charman, or can seen by his photos the many costumes and looks of Colin.Colin has supported TRAQ and our events for a long time now and also is a huge supporter of SRG, regularly dressing up to encourage and support his fellow runners. Just the other week I watched Colin finish a SEQTRS race as the presentations were taking place, the smile on his face showed how much he loved the run and support he got in return.“5 Question’s with Gus”1. How did you get into trail running, and how has it impacted your life?I was introduced to trail running by Leigh Richmond. She was runnng a Wednesday morning, 5am run at White Rock for SRG. As winter set in, less people came so we decided to move it to Sunday afternoon instead. I then become one of the run leaders for SRG so that I could help Leigh run the Sunday afternoon runs. Taking on this sort of responsibility was never something I had ever thought of, and it brought me out of "shell", helped me meet lots of other people and make some wonderful friends.2. How did you find SRG and what is your favourite SRG moment or memory?Ali Adams introduced me to SRG. She had been following them on Facebook and didn't want to show up alone so I went with her. We started with the 5am groups then I started doing the 7pm groups as well. My favourite moments with SRG was when we were doing the Beginners Trail Run Programmes. Watching people stepping out of their comfort zone, or even starting running for the first time, and helping them improve was awesome to watch. It made me proud of each of these runners as they realised they could do more than they ever believed possible.3. What is your favourite trial or event, and why?Blackall 100 is my favourite trail event. Only just beating out the SEQ Trail Series. It runs through beautful bushland in Mapleton, and is my first ever Ultra Trail Marathon. It can be tough, and I haven't always finished the event, but I have done it every year for the last six years.4. Many trail runners emphasise the mental and emotional benefits they get of being in nature, what is your own personal experience/connection between nature and trial running?I was never a runner growing up, and when I started road running with SRG I enjoyed the friendships and the running, but running in nature became a whole new level. There is the times when you run with a group, and you can spot the different animals. I love snakes by the way. Or when you run with someone, and neither of you say anything for a long time because there is no need to. You are both just enjoying nature together, and no words need to be said. Or the times you run alone. It is freedom.I often tell people about having different "batteries". One for social interactions, one for work, one for the kids. When I run in nature, I can refill all of those batteries. Life melts away. You don't see the outside world, and for that time you are in nature, it doesn't matter. And you are free.5. What tips do you give new trail runners?Trail running can be daunting. You need to take water, take a snake bandage, know the route or be with someone who does. The tracks can be wide or narrow, winding, lots of loose rocks trying to roll your ankle. All these things are true. But don't give up. The more you run the trails, the better it gets, and as managing these things become second nature, the more enjoyment you will get from it.And try night running. You can run a trail in the day time over and over, but when you run it at night, it opens up a whole new world.Thanks Colin and enjoyed reading your history of SRG and what got you into running. See you on Sunday ... See MoreSee Less
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Kicking off today in 5 Question’s with Gus is the ever smiling Amelia Tsikleas.Amelia is one those infectious trail runners that once you have met her you always gravitate back to her as you know you will have many laughs and share a good time. The first time I met her was her joining us at the BTR CP at Blackall and I did not stop laughing for the next 5 hours. I could not find a photo of her where she was not smiling.“5 Questions with Gus” 1. How did you get into trail running, and how has it impacted your life?When reflecting on this question, the biggest thing that kept sticking out was connecting with two friends Leah and Pete Begley on the trails and in their local hood and furthermore, starting out with wild earth about 6 years ago as an ambassador in their team. Ever since that day, local runs, on tour runs and any trail inbetween, I’ve been really inspired and drawn to which lights my soul ablaze. 2. How did you find SRG and what is your favourite SRG moment or memory?The OG reason that I found SRG was the one and only Kathryn Austin. I was running at the time up north with Rockhampton road runners and she also was up there for a period of time too! We connected; and when I moved back here, she was the first person I messaged about a run group! I remember my first ever session being with Jaci Brand on the infamous aeriel street and the rest is history! I think my favourite memory ( even though it’s not a single one) is in fact everyone every year, smash their personal goals. It’s so inspiring to see all different levels of runners from all walks and talks of life coming together and connecting over something so amazing. Community is at the heart of it and it couldn’t be more special. 3. What is your favourite trail or event, and why?The scenic rim ultra and the scenic rim trail series for sure! No doubt! Here’s something I wrote earlier about it which truly captures the essence of the event. “In the heart of Australia's stunning landscape lies the Scenic Rim Trail Running Series, an exhilarating adventure that captivates the hearts of trail running enthusiasts. The Scenic Rim Trail Running Series takes place in the magnificent Scenic Rim region of Australia. Spanning across southeastern Queensland, this stunning area is renowned for its lush rainforests, towering peaks, and breathtaking vistas. The series showcases a variety of challenging trails, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the region's natural wonders. From the awe-inspiring Main Range National Park to the enchanting Tamborine Mountain, each location offers a unique experience that leaves runners in awe of their surroundings.”“So, what is it that draws people to the world of trail running? Unlike traditional road races, trail running provides an unparalleled connection with nature. The freedom to explore untamed terrain, surrounded by pristine wilderness, creates an invigorating and immersive experience. Trail runners cherish the chance to escape the confines of city life and embrace the earth beneath their feet. The scenic rim trails, with their diverse landscapes, present a perfect playground for trail runners, offering both physical and mental challenges that lead to personal growth and a profound sense of accomplishment.The Scenic Rim Trail Running Series in 2023 promised an adventure like no other, drawing runners from far and wide to explore the stunning landscapes of southeastern Queensland. Trail running's unique blend of athleticism, connection with nature, and personal growth resonates deeply with participants, creating a devoted community of enthusiasts.” (Gus: love this so much have kept it all in here Amelia ❤️)4. Many trail runners emphasise the mental and emotional benefits they get of being in nature, what is your own personal experience/connection between nature and trial running?I think and absolutely feel that it makes you feel free. It makes you feel, because you are so present, reminding yourself to truly “be where you feet are” it allows me to take this into my day, into conversations, into interactions in my job and life itself. It allows you to be thankful for what your body can do because you yourself and your mental grit and resilience can get you through. The connection is strong if you know yourself well, trust the process and in tougher runs and races, remind yourself to be patient be prepared and be present.. remember we are a human being… but sometimes too.. we are also a human doing great things and that starts with taking the first step.5. What tips do you give new trail runners?Never be afraid to start, this is where the magic lies. As they say, the work you’re avoiding is where the magic lies. I would suggest getting into hiking first, investing in some great socks and shoes and taking a buddy or friend on a small adventure. It could be only 10-20 mins but soon enough the person will realise just how much pull power the trails have. I would also encourage new trail runners to incorporate a few strength based activities such as weights , plyometrics and or even something like yoga and Pilates into their daily routine. Any movement is good movement so there is no specific advice about training, loading, nutrition or the likes as everyone is different. Find a way that suits your life, your interests and what brings you the most joy and genuine soul making energy in your heart. That’s where the magic lies.Love it Amelia. Never stop being you. Smile lots, laugh even more and run free and happy. Hopefully we see you Sunday 💥 ... See MoreSee Less
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