Washpool World Heritage Trails – Sun 13 Oct 2019

Washpool World Heritage Trails – Sun 13 Oct 2019

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2018 Washpool results here and photos on our Facebook page.

T-shirts will be available for purchase after the events for $35.
Please report 30 minutes prior to start time for your event distance and pick up your bib.

52 km start 7.00am; 26 kms – 8.00am; 9 kms – 8.30am. Please note DST is in effect, time is one hour ahead of Queensland.

The Washpool and Gibraltar Range National Parks have incredible variety, from world heritage listed rainforests to clear rivers flowing through flowering high country heathlands, dramatic granite outcrops and wild river gorges. The area also features an extensive network of well formed trails to make it ideal trail running and great natural campsites.

This is definitely a bucket list event!

View photos of course and surrounds here then make your plans for a weekend away in  October to fully experience these world class trails. Glenn Innes Council has put together a flyer with various discounts for the occasion.

Whatever your favourite distance, we have a great course on some of the best trails in Australia. Entry cost has been kept low too to encourage local and regional participants. TRAQ/AURA members and non TRAQ/AURA members: 9km: $8/$10 – 26km: $22.50/$30 – 52km $45/$55).



There’s a short course of 9km including streams, granite cascades and a taste of rainforest on the Gibraltar side, a 26km course with a mix of flat and hilly sections and a little of everything, and an ultra option of 52km traversing the whole World Heritage Trail loop around both Washpool and Gibraltar Range National Parks!

52 Km course
26 Km course
9 Km course

Downloadable maps

Our downloadable PDF maps are now georeferenced. That means besides displaying and printing, you can load them in Avenza maps app on your device and see where you are on the course :

  • If not yet done, install the Avenza Maps app
  • Click on the map link below on your device. If it opens in a PDF reader, go to the options and select ‘open with’.
  • Select ‘avenza maps’
  • The map will be imported. Select it and you are ready to use it.

general area map

52 Km course map

26 Km course map

9 Km course map

52 Km Strava profile and movescount route

View 52k course profile: click here
View 25k course profile: click here

On Saturday you can check out short trails near the Mulligans start/finish on foot or bike, explore Washpool’s rainforest and riverside trails, or just relax.

We encourage camping at Mulligans Flat, which has kitchen/toilet facilities and a great swimming hole. Only use one of the 15 official camp sites if you have two families with multiple tents. If you have one tent, please use the communal camp ground near the finish line and if that space is completely occupied, you can use the area near the start line, at Mulligans Hut itself. Make sure you use the toilets and not the bush and ensure you take all your litter with you.

For those who don’t want to camp out at the start, you can base your weekend at the historic town of Glen Innes, which is on the quickest and possibly nicer route from Brisbane to Washpool via Cunningham’s Gap. You will come through Stanthorpe and past wineries, which are great to visit. If you come via the coast, you might prefer cabins or camping at Jackadgery (the friendly Mann River Caravan Park), just before the national park starts, and drive the last section up the hill to the start on race morning, just be careful, it can be slippery there.

For anyone driving early in the morning, the Kangaroos will be out there!

Indicate your intention to camp when you do your online registration – which is required for this event.

Please, carpool!

Further 2018 information for runners will be emailed to all entrants
and is also posted on the website and Facebook.

You can meet other runners at the Mulligans Hut picnic area; allow time for driving in and setting up camp. Options include running or walking great trails which aren’t part of the race eg spot the Waratah on the Needles track; mountain biking is permitted on many trails eg Little Dandahra Creek; canoeing or inner tube floating down Little Dandahra Creek back to Mulligans.

Ultra course: Starts 7.00 in the Gibraltar Range National Park off Gwydir Highway at Mulligans picnic area, proceeding anti-clockwise round the World Heritage Trail to finish back at the start (52km). This is a remote area and entrants should carry their preferred supplements. Checkpoint 1 at 9 Km and checkpoint 2 at 35 Km carry water, electrolytes, cola and lollies. Drop bag wil be taken here. Water points are at 15 and 44 Km. We would like all to be in by 8hrs and 30 minutes.

Medium course: Starts 8.00 in the Gibraltar Range National Park off Gwydir Highway at Mulligans picnic area, out-and-back to Dandahra Crags then clockwise round 9km loop to finish at the start (26km). Water and electrolytes are available where the trail crosses the Mulligan Drive.

Short course: Starts 8.30 at the Mulligans picnic area following the 9km loop trail beside streams, across cascades, through fern understory and rainforest back to the start (9km).

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  1. I’ve heard that Hob Nob biscuits provide s good balance of energy and oaty goodness, ideal for long runs. Will there be Hob Nobs at the aid stations or should I bring my own?

  2. Hello

    I registered for the 52k event a few months back and just wondering when information for this years event will be provided to registrants?

    In particular for my planning and final training I am wanting to get some clarity on the degree of altitudinal gain/loss (ie how hilly the course is), and the check points (distances) at which I can rehydrate and leave drop bags for anything special I need. The website mentions “water/electrolytes will be available at the three road crossings; drop bags will be taken to the first and second road crossing”. I gather that refers to the two crossings of the Gwydir Hwy with the third being crossing Mulligans drive? Distance to each from start?


    1. I have never been there, so will forward your question to the race organiser. Just looking at the course profile, it looks hilly but not too much. Maybe up to 1000 meters. The detailed map shows the 3 checkpoints.

  3. Hello everyone,
    First of all- thank you all once again for such a great event! We were one of the last groups leaving the campground on monday morning and have collected couple of lost items: 1.bearded buff and 2. one fairly new bright-green ASICS shoe.. possibly kids or very small adult size…. please get in touch if it’s yours and I’ll mail it out.. cheers

  4. When will the information for this year be sent out to entrants? Most of it looks to be on the website but just wanted to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

  5. Group camping area: the group camping area is booked and can take about 10 tents – if interested email Steel, steellyn@gmail.com, he will advise if it’s full but that’s not likely), or you can select one of the individual sites when you arrive. There is no advance booking system, but we do have an overflow area so there will always be a camping spot at Mulligans Hut for entrants.

    There are other options too – see Event page on the TRAQ website – eg Washpool national park sites nearby, Jackadgeree camp and cabin sites – but staying at the start finish is ideal as long as unheated showers don’t worry you! (I prefer a quick dunk in the river!)

    Remember that for both the group or individual sites you need to pay the fee in the honesty box when you arrive.

  6. Distances between 50k pickup points for water are:
    Roughly 10km to the first manned checkpoint CP1 @ road crossing, then last water top-up opportunity at Washpool at about 14km before the long loop on far side of the highway covering a further 18km (so 32km from start) tothe 2nd road crossing & CP2, then water again about 6km from finish at CP3 on the map, the access road crossing point; 52km distance in total.

  7. Already looking forward to the race again this year. Have you booked the campsite? The Uni had it last year. Would definitely like to book a camping spot.

  8. Hello!
    Any idea when the event details will be posted and registration will be open for this year’s event? I don’t want to miss out!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Amy

      Usually, we open registrations about 2 months ahead of the event….. so we are aiming for August, we’ll send out an email at the time anyway. Also, we are just about to open registrations for a new run, the Walk about Creek run, which is around the Enoggera Reservoir at The Gap. Should be really nice, good community run: 9.5km!

      Thanks, Hubertien

    1. Hi Vicky

      Would be about two months before the event: so in August! Meanwhile, we have a new run that will open soon for registration, which will be held on 18 July around the Enoggera Reservoir: the Walk about Creek run. Keep an eye out!



  9. Hi,

    Thanks for the event yesterday, was a lot of fun. Just wanting to know if results will be posted online and where they can be found?

    Thanks again!

  10. Hey Team,
    Any ideas on the drive time from Mann river to the start? Just working out logistics for Sunday morning.

  11. HI have entered the 9km event and wondered if there is a race pack like other events I have entered? do you just turn up on day? sandra

  12. Ruth,

    If it is similar to last year, there are two manned checkpoints, easily accessible on the Gwydir Hwy, at about the 10km and 32km marks.

  13. Hi,

    I’m doing the 50km and just wondering approx what distances checkpoints are and if family can meet me at the checkpoints? I will need to stop and feed my baby at least once so just trying to figure out logistics. I also expect to take a while as this is my first post pregnancy ultra. Is there a cut off?

  14. Hi, i just tried to nominate and it said entries are closed – it says entries close midnight tonight on this website. I would like to nominate. Can you please let me know if its possible.

  15. Hi Grant, how’s the registrations for the 2014 run looking? Have you received the required numbers? Also I have registered for the 25k can I change it to 50 on the race day?

  16. Hey guys,

    Just confirming if this race is running in 2014?

    I noticed the race entry page hasn’t opened yet despite it saying entries open on 1 July.

  17. I see that Mulligan’s Hut Campsite can’t be booked in advance any longer. What do we do if we want to stay there for the Saturday night – 11/10/14?

  18. Hi Greg
    i would like to order a size 10 ladies shirt.

    Also i would like to thank a guy called Chris whose wife
    was running in the long course for giving me a lift back
    to the drink station where I turned hard left (on the road)instead of going straight ahead.

    Regards tina

  19. Hi Greg, another awesome event!
    Thanks again, you work so hard and do an awesome job !
    And thanks also to the rest of the team and volunteers .
    Looking forward to seeing the results now

  20. Hi All, I have done 4 day trek of Washpool and loved it so much. So was stoked to hear that there is an organized run, can’t wait. Big Thanks to you Grant and your helpers for putting it on !!!

    Cheers Rob Gale

    1. Sorry, group campsite is full now, as is Mulligans. Alternatives: Mann River Caravan Park (camping only, cabins full); Washpool NP’s Bellbird camping; Gibraltar Range NP’s Boundary Falls camping; Glen Innes camping and cabins; Grafton camping and cabins (3 locations). Search web with Google for contacts, or see info on TRAQ’s Events/Washpool page. Cheers, Greg

  21. This is a little plug for the Mann River Caravan Park from the owner. We are the closest full serviced camp area to the event. Power, shop, fuel, cabins big camp kitchen hot showers etc etc adjacent the greatest river on the east coast. There will be live acoustic music in the park on the Saturday night finishing at a very respectable hour. We are offering substantial discounts to runners for cabin and camping. Check out our web site or ring park for accommodation details 02-66474662. Be sure to ask for the contestants discount, Cheers , Lee (owner)

  22. Hi Greg

    If you walked at a fast pace would you have time to complete the nine km course
    In the ninety minutes? Thank you. Sue wilkinson

  23. Hi, I’ve booked myself in for the 52km event and was wondering what are the distances between checkpoints? Thanks 🙂

    1. Distances between 50k checkpoints = roughly 10km to the first manned checkpoint @ road crossing, last water at Washpool at 14km before long loop on far side, a further 18km (so 32km from start) til the 2nd road crossing, then water again about 6km from finish; 52km in total.

  24. I’m interested in entering the 50km but am trying to work out a way to get there. Is anyone headed up there from ACT or Southern Sydney area that we could carpool/travel together?

  25. Craigieburn is no longer offering camping; there are several other camping grounds in Glen Innes though, about 70 minutes to the start at Mulligans Hut. Cheers, Greg

  26. Looking forward to this one. I was at the checkpoints last year so it will be good to be out on the trails this year instead. It’ll be my first ultra back after last year’s injuries …

  27. Are there still no time limits on the 52km? I am thinking it would take me around 6hrs to finish but would love to give it a try!

    1. 6hrs for 52km is good running, you should be fine. There are no cut-offs for this race, but please advise the organiser if you expect to walk most or all, it helps our planning.

  28. Glad you enjoyed last year – I have added the profiles for the 25 and 52km courses to the event page. We will also check out a new ~20km course for 2014 while course marking (the river trail out to Platypus Pool near the road entrance)

  29. Hi Greg
    Just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for a wonderful event this year. We had 4 travel up from Tamworth (overnight in Glen Innes) and found the trail very interesting and a little challenging, particularly if you having put in too much training. I congratuate you on your commitment to these tryes of run and would love to be able to co-ordinate a similar event down our way.
    I hope your back to full fitness soon.

  30. Is there food at any of the CPs? Just trying to organise what to put into my dropbags!
    Really looking forward to just getting out and running!!

    1. There will be some sweets, fruit and cake on the 50k course at the road crossings, plus water/electrolytes of course. I keep it simple on this run as we’re so far from anywhere and its hard to get helpers. Cheers, Greg

  31. Ho Greg and everyone,
    I am doing my first 50 at Washpool (very excited). I am in Brisbane and am either looking to find someone to share the trip down with me on Saturday and back Sunday, or someone I can hook a ride with for the same time frames.
    Please let me know if you are able or know anyone who can help. It is a long trip on your own, particularly after the event.

  32. Withdrawals are fine as long as they’re before the closing date. Refunds are done online to your paying account (ie usually your VISA card), less the $10 it costs us for the two entry and withdrawal transactions. Just email me at g_waite@optusnet.com.au, cheers Greg (organiser)

  33. Hi Greg, What’s your policy on withdrawals? I’ve already entered the 50km Washpool event for 2012 but have today learned that I probably have a stress fracture in my foot so won’t be able to run for the rest of the year.
    Thanks. Andrew

  34. Hi. I’m interested in the 50km jog as it looks very picturesque. Are there any spots left? Also the course map… is there one a little bigger and easier to follow? Also what would you recommend me bringing for such a long course(I have only run 10km fun runs in the past).

    1. Hi Rick – if you’ve only run 10k in the past I’d strongly recommend the 10 or 25k here – you will still get a good cross-section of the scenery. Its fine to arrange a change of course at race day registration. The 50k requires experience of long runs and since its remote and self-supported for long sections this is not the place to learn as you go. Topo maps are available for this area (Cangai and Coombadjha 1:25000) if you wish, but the trails are well marked here so the simple map online is sufficient.

  35. Hi, I can’t find Mulligans campsite on the NSW parks site.. Is there another name I should be looking for? I’ve booked for 3 9k and 1 25k entrants and did select for camping, does that mean something is booked? Sorry to ask daft questions 🙂

  36. Hi. I am just wondering, are the campsites at mulligans big enough for a large tentt? Also, if we bring a friend along will they be able to go walking on the trails or will they be closed off for the run?

    1. Yes there are a range of sites including big enough for campertrailers. Walking is fine, as is mountainbiking, we never close trails for a run. Mutual respect to all other users 🙂
      Cheers, Greg

  37. Yes there is a new system to pre-book for 2013, and we did get pretty full in 2012 so you’re advised to book in advance. I will email a reminder if we do fill up all available spaces plus our large group campsite at the start/finish which could take about 12 smaller tents. There is also nearby Parks campsites at Boundary Creek and Washpool, which are along the 50km course route.

  38. Hi people considering this run. This is a gorgeous place to run. I ran it last year and will again this year. It is so scenic that attempting a PB over this distance would be shameful. Last year I ran for 25 mins and then walked 5mins to allow lactic acid to disperse. Even though I did not train for the distance I still finished using this method and absolutely loved it. I am not a regular endurance runner and just enjoy the challenge of these events. I am currently struggling with getting my distance up for the Coffs half next month, having run 15km last weekend. I have spent much of the cooler months focusing on the 5km cross country and incresing my speed in that. Therefore these upcoming endurance events will be a test of the mind. having said that I do complete atleast 2 marathons or lobger runs each year.

  39. Camping options:
    There is a large group camping area right at the finish but standard NSW park fees are applicable from 2013. There are also a large number of separate small-group camp sites which you don’t have to reserve at that time of year, but attract the nightly fee. So the choice is yours – a bit of privacy or camp with the group & close to the toilet block. Runners aren’t noted for pre-race parties so either way you’ll get a good night’s sleep.
    Mulligans camping area park fees (to be confirmed for 2013):
    Camping fees: $7 per adult per night.
    Other fees:
    Annual pass or daily vehicle entry fee of $7 also required.
    Greg the organiser

  40. I’d recommend two ‘best’ campgrounds – one is Mulligan’s Hut, right at Sunday’s start/finish. Its a typical NSW national park camp with toilets, cold showers, top trails nearby and a beautiful swimming hole. The other is Mann River Caravan Park in Jackadgery, midway between Grafton and the race start, with camping or affordable cabins plus good walking nearby. If you like national park camping, you could also stay nights at the Washpool and Boundary Creek campsites, also on the course and each with their own attractions.

    Cheers, Greg (organiser)

  41. We are coming up from Sydney, and am wondering which is the best campground to camp in and are there any associated events around the area?

  42. Hi Brad – No there is no time limit, but 50km entrants who intend to walk or be unusually slow need to let us know, and be self-sufficient. A map will be provided, but its a well marked trail, with extra signage from TRAQ for the day, so no map reading skills are required. There is no compulsory safety equipment on this race, as you won’t get lost and there are two road points and numerous checkpoints where you could drop out if you had difficulties. I will send out information to entrants which recommend some gear, eg taking extra water/supplements, as this is a remote area. The route is all on walking trails – a mix of purpose built tracks and ex-forestry roads – with some steeper but short climbs on the far side – see the link with course contour.

  43. Good afternoon Greg, just a few questions for the 50 km run;
    – it there a time limit
    – do you require maps
    – any compulsory equipment to carry
    – is the run on fire trails, walking tracks, other



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