Queensland Trail Running Championships

17032019 LeaderboardThe Queensland Trail Running Championships are here!

TRAQ is a not for profit, peak trail running organisation in Queensland, which as an advocate for the sport, organises the Queensland Trail Running Championships. The objective is to bring together the trail running community, runners and event organisers alike, in a series of events that ‘shakes out’ the best runners on Queensland’s trails. 

In organising the series, the support of event organisers has been overwhelming, from Far North Queensland to the border of New South Wales.  This guarantees that it is an inclusive series, with more than 70 participating events across 4 different categories :

  • 15Km to 35km
  • 35 to 99km
  • 100km
  • Mountain Runs, characterised as shorter and steeper.

Anyone of 18 years or older can accumulate points for the championships.

As 2019 is the first year, the point scoring is very simple  :

The first 5 place getters in each participating race accumulates 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 point(s) for places 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. For the 15 to 35km and the 35 to 99km categories, the regional races count 3 times, to balance out the high concentration of events in South East Queensland. This may be adjusted during the season / calendar year of 2019, if this is necessary to ‘shake out’ the strongest and fastest runners on Queensland’s Trails.


17032019 Leaderboard


TRAQ does not intend these championships to provide an income stream for TRAQ. The purpose of the series is to bring the trail running community across Queensland together and have a fun competition that will provide runners a chance to prove themselves across different events and for Event Organisers to showcase their events. 

Participants are not charged extra for participating in the Championships and Event Organisers are not charged a fee for participating with their events. Event Organisers, however, provide free entries to selected prize winners in 2020 and TRAQ provides the main prizes for the overall Queensland Trail Running Champions, which includes race entry, transport and accommodation to an event, yet to be determined, in Australia or New Zealand. 

TRAQ only intends to include events in the Championships that are safe, well organised, community oriented and environmentally friendly.  

See the Facebook page for up-to-date news.

Queensland Trail Running Championships Format

Below is the initial format for the Queensland Trail Running Championships Series 2019. It is the first year and TRAQ will be seeking feedback to improve the series in 2020. 

Competition Categories 

There are 4 different categories:

  • 100km (and a little over) events – 100km
  • 35 – 99km events – Long Course
  • 15 – 35km events (some shorter may be included) – Short Course
  • Mountain Running events characterised by shorter, steeper, events

See the full list of participating events here


  • The first season of the series runs during the calendar year of 2019, and will conclude with the final participating event of 2019.


  • Presentations are held thereafter in December at a time and place to be determined.
  • Prizes include Championship Prizes and Spot Prizes for other Queensland Trail Running Championships participants.

Competition Scoring:

  • The top 5 males and females are allocated points (If necessary the top 10, but the administrative burden needs to be kept down) in each of the participating events
  • Points for top 5 place getters are awarded as follows:
    • 5pts for 1st place, 4pts/2nd, 3pts/3rd, 2pts/4th, 1pt/5th
  • For the 100km category only the three best placings for competitors at different events count – there are some 100km events close together, so to allow recovery, only the three best results count and if there is a tie – TRAQ may look at any ‘head-to-head’ results or other ways, to determine the stronger runner.
  • At the end of the series – December 2019 – the male and female with the highest overall score (across the different categories) are the Queensland Trail Running Champions. 
  • At the end of the series the male and female with the highest score in each category are the Queensland Trail Running Champions of their categories (e.g. Male/Female Category 2 Long Course Champions).
  • For the Long Course and the Short Course categories, the events outside Southeast Queensland (SEQ) attract 3 times as many points as within SEQ, to make it a truly Queensland wide competition and level the chances for runners from different regions to accumulate points. This is based on the notion that participants within SEQ have greater access to (more) events than their counterparts in the regions. 
  • Please note that, if TRAQ thinks it is necessary, it may ‘tweak’ the method of point scoring to ensure that the best trail runners on Queensland trails come out on top. TRAQ has the final say in this, further feedback may be taken into account for 2020.


  • The Queensland Trail Running Champions (male and female) receive an entry, transport, accommodation, for an event, yet to be determined, in Australia or New Zealand – sponsored by TRAQ.
  • The category winners receive free entries into the 2020 races for the category that they won in 2019. These are sponsored / provided by the Event Organisers.
  • If someone is a winner of multiple categories, this person can choose which category they would like to receive the free entries for, and the runner up for the other category will receive the prize for that category. The only exception is that the overall winners (across the categories) may receive one category prize as well. (So, if John Williams is the overall champ, he wins a race elsewhere in Aus or NZ and he wins free entries to all the races in one category, but if he won two categories as well, he needs to make the choice which category he would like to receive the prize for and the prize for the other category passes on the runner-up)
  • At the prize presentations in December, randomly drawn prizes will be awarded to Queensland Trail Running Championships participants who are attending these presentations.


The aim is to include all Queensland events that fall into the different categories, provided that they are well organised, safe, community oriented, environmentally friendly events. Most Event Organisers are confirmed, with almost all their events. Event Organisers can also submit new races during the year if new ones are organised. Below is an events list, divided up into the different categories, please let us know if there are any missing.


Most events shorter than 15km that don’t qualify as a mountain race are excluded.

TRAQ will have the final say about the inclusion of an event (in consultation with the Event Organiser), as TRAQ is the convenor of the series. TRAQ wants to include fun events that are safe, well organised, community-oriented and environment friendly. If TRAQ believes an event does not meet those requirements, it may exclude the event. Events during which alcohol is consumed by event participants during the event may not be included.

The participating events are organised independently from TRAQ by different event organisers, who are responsible for the quality and safety of the events they organise, and not TRAQ. Runners and others attending the events must assess for themselves if the event is suitable to them to attend and meets their safety expectations.

Should you have any comments, feedback or questions, please email us at info@traq.org.au. The main contact is our Vice President Hubertien Wichers.

Age Limit

These are distances suitable to 18 years and over, so participants under 18 years old are excluded from participating in the Championships.