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Mt Glorious Mountain Trails – Sat 21nd Feb 2015

2014 news: Same great course as last year, but two weeks later so hopefully no last-minutes storms and we get to run the full course! Plus three buses this year for faster shuttles back to cars.

Starting from Cedar Flats the course climbs a steep ridgeline trail to Northbrook Mountain, down down down to England Creek, then 600m vertical climb up to finish along stone-lined single-track through rainforest to Mt Glorious. This is a course for seriously fit runners – a total distance of 22km with 1200m of climb and 650m of descent.

Entrants’ info: click here

The course and how to get there:

Description Distance of 22km with 1200m of vertical climb and 650m of descent.

Course starts at Cedar Flats, 15km past Mount Glorious, and finishes at the clearing opposite Maiala Park just past Mount Glorious township.

Bus option leaves Gap State High School 6am, and returns you to your car at GSHS from Mt Glorious after you finish.

Private cars drive to Cedar Flats red cedar picnic area, shuttle returns you to your car at Cedar Flats after finish at Mt Glorious. Alternatively, come with a friend who can drive your car to the finish after the start, and meet you in one of three Mt Glorious cafes (nearest is Elm Haus, 300m west of finish).

course map: click here
course profile: click here
2012 photos: click here
how to get there: click here
start: click here
finish: click here

Entries are limited to 160 = 80 by bus and 80 by car

We have limited parking at Red Cedar picnic area, so need to limit the places allocated to cars and provide a bus for the balance. Help this event stay sustainable by supporting the bus option (same cost), or getting some friends together so your car carries a group.

Entries close when full (sold out 2012 &2013) or midnight Monday 17 February
Link for online entry: Opens Sunday 1 Dec 10am click here
Link to view entries to date: click here (note 175 entries taken to allow for no shows; 160 field)

Note: If you plan to be a TRAQ member in 2014, join first then you can select the discounted entry
Link for online TRAQ membership: here

Details: see below for vital information like travel time, remote nature of course hence self-sufficiency encouraged (4 water stops; 3 are self-help), options for accompanying non-runners

Registration at Cedar Flats:

Piping off the start:

First river crossing

2011 was steamy:

James Bamber on the home stretch in 2012, 3rd in 2:02

The finish at Maiala picnic area, Mount Glorious





The trip to Cedar Flats is a great tour through rainforest along the main range from Mount Glorious towards Lake Wivenhoe. With open grassy areas , covered tables and toilets, Cedar Flats is an ideal place for a picnic or barbecue. Its about about 70 minutes from Brisbane city via Samford.

For any waiting partners/friends, there are lots of short walks at Mount Glorious where you can see the runners finish – having just completing 600m of climb they will appreciate your support! There are also three cafes within walking distance to choose from.

Start time:
Registration up to 7.15am
7.15am warmup jog from Red Cear picnic area to start (follow signs for your safetey)
7.30 start for first (fastest) wave of 50; 7.40 second wave; 7.50 third wave.
Bus leaves Gap State High School at 6am sharp, registration will be completed on the trip.
Cars allow 70 minutes from central Brisbane via Samford and Mount Glorious, plus time for registration, preparation and jog to start.

Car parking:
Red Cedar is the second picnic area on the right at the bottom of the big descent from the Lake Wivenhoe lookout; follow the directions of the parking marshall, then jog 800m back to the start, crossing only where marked for safety. The start area is in the grassy clearing close to the creek crossing at the bottom of the first firetrail section (see map). Toilet facilities are available at Registration/Red Cedar picnic area, and also at White Cedar picnic area closer to the start.

I strongly advise you to train on the course for this race so you are prepared for the profile of this race. Plus, these beautiful trails to run on and relatively cool in summer. The course will be fully marked for the Sunday two weeks before the race. PS: in spring the flowering cedars at the start are a picture.

The course:
Course marking will be very clear and there are limited junctions on the course; you will not get lost. The first section starts with 300m of steep and rough fire-break which then gets more runnable (depending on your hill fitness) to provide attractive views up a remote ridgeline. At the top, turn left to Northbrook Mountain three-ways junction (self-help water stop), turn right down to cross then follow England Creek (manned water stop, emergency 4WD), climb past the four-ways junction (manned checkpoint) to ascend Mount Glorious (past one more self-help water stop) to enter the rainforest. Just before the top, turn left along the stone-lined single-track to Western Window and follow the trail to the finish opposite Maiala Park.

This is a remote course and entrants must carry their own water. We provide water at three self-help points plus the checkpoint marked on the map, where you can top up your bottle. There will be no throw-away cups so choose a container which is easy to top up. Post race refreshments will be available at the finish.

So how tough is tough?
The median finish time in 2012 was 3:12 which gives you some idea how steep it is. This is called a “mountain trails” race for a reason. It was originally developed as training run for Sydney’s famous and unique 6 Foot Track race. Our new 22km course is too short to be a qualifier for 6 Foot, but the climb and descent still makes it ideal training if you plan to run there.

Walkers note:
Walkers are always welcome at TRAQ events, but we can’t ask our checkpoint volunteers to be out there all day. Basic course markings will remain in place until all entrants are home, but if you wish to walk the course slowly, you need to advise the organiser by email when you enter, take a copy of the map with you, and carry sufficient water.

The course is on the western side of the ridge, plus tree cover provides a reasonable amount of shade over much of the course, but it is likely to be warm and sunny in February. A cap and/or sunscreen is recommended.

Nearby walks for partners and before/after:
There are no short walking trails at Cedar Flats, but there are plenty of places to explore. There are many walks and excellent cafes at Mt Glorious ; the runners will finish at Mount Glorious so you can cheer them in.

Contact for inquiries:
Phone Hube 0404 922 577 email hubertien.wichers@gmail.com

Trail Running Association of Queensland (organisers) Website:


5 Comments so far

  1. Greg January 12th, 2011 4:45 pm
  2. Greg Waite February 1st, 2012 12:25 pm

    Two questions please –
    1. Will a camelbak suffice or should I carry a water bottle as well?
    2. Do people take GU’s etc usually?
    Jeff Stoward
    Some camelbaks are too small for 2-4 hours in high humidity and not easy to refill – so when choosing, remember that we are not providing cups out at the self-help stations in the wilderness. You have a choice of refilling from either tap or bottles at four locations. Since that might mean up to an hour between refills, the camelbak is a good choice. The question is its size, and how you refill or supplement it.

    If you’re out there to enjoy the day and not worried about a few seconds, yes they’re comfortable to run with. Its personal – I prefer to carry two bottles in a light backpack, and handhelds are also popular.

    Similarly with Gu’s – very popular, but arguably unnecessary. My personal view is more people have stomach trouble with Gu’s and electrolytic drinks than benefit from them. Nuun tablets are an electrolyte which is easy to use and easy on the stomach. Just water is good too! Again personally, I just eat normal food while walking up hills, if its over say 3 hours.

    Cheers, Greg

  3. Bernadette Chapman December 19th, 2013 12:18 pm

    I have two AirBnB’s at Mt Glorious if people are still needing accommodation.

    What is AirBnB? Airbnb, founded in August 2008 is an online service that provides a platform for individuals referred to as “hosts”, to rent unoccupied living space and other short-term lodging to guests. As of September 2013, the company had over 500,000 listings in 33,000 cities and 192 countries.[1] Listings include private rooms, entire apartments, castles, boats, manors, tree houses, tipis, igloos, private islands and other properties.[2]

    One of our Airbnb is booked out by one of your Trail run participants but the other one, a bigger one, can accommodate 6 people and is still available. See this direct link to the site:

    Kind Regards


  4. Rob Buzacott January 7th, 2014 12:16 pm

    Can anybody give me an idea as to how the Mount Glorious Trail run compares with the Lake Manchester trail run for difficulty? It may give me an indication of what I’m letting myself in for if I register for Mount Glorious.

  5. grant - admin January 13th, 2014 10:16 pm

    Mt Glorious has a long uphill start. Approx 3.8k and another gradual climb later in the run. Lake Manchester has all those small ups and downs plus the big climb on the loop. Both tough courses. I’d say Mt Glorious is harder. Don’t tire yourself on the Mt Glorious start and you’ll be fine if you have completed Lake Manchester.

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