Pinnacles Classic Photos and Results

Thanks everyone for making the Pinnacles Classic a great event on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining after the rain overnight. All looked nice, bright and clean.

The course is hilly, varied and interesting. The northern side has the dryer bigger hills and the southern side has the shorter sharper hills with patches of red soil. That is also where the mist hangs around, as it did on Saturday. I just managed to wipe my glasses before throwing myself down the slopes of the Double Whammy.

That’s a nice thing about the course; many of the hills have names: The Randle, Mini Mum, Mum, the Double Whammy, Bastard 1, 2, 3 and the Brute. The Brute is the hill that most people walk.

Jonny Peters had a great run and put down a new course record of 1:13:24. His speedy run took some people at the finish line by surprise. Clint Sloan was 9 minutes behind and Darryl Taylor came in 2 minutes behind Clint. Don’t think that these two guys were ambling along, their times are respectable winning times in themselves!

I was the fortunate first woman to come home in 1:34:15, which looks a bit pedestrian compared to the boys, but it is a reasonably fast time. Symeko Jochinke finished second in 1:39 and Nicole van Gurp came third in 1:47.

The usual sausage sizzle was conducted by the local Moggill Scouts Group and Rachid supplied us with nice coffees from the Coffee Box trailer in the early morning and after the race.

I hope you all had a good time and leave us some feedback if you would like to do so.  Here are the results pinnacles 2015 confirmed results 1 and the photos:

Mt Glorious Race postponed to 7th March 2015

Hi everyone

I am sorry to inform you that we have to postpone the Mt Glorious Trails Race because of the heavy rainfall and possible winds that are expected over the next few days.

It is a difficult decision as you might appreciate but we wanted to explain the factors in our decision.

First of all your safety and the safety of the volunteers is most important to TRAQ. The likelihood of injury becomes higher in these conditions and access to injured competitors becomes a lot harder. Of course we consider that an unacceptable risk as we want all our competitors to be safe or have immediate access to emergency attention if necessary. Additionally, any fallen trees would pose problems for course access and supply of check points.

Second your enjoyment of the event is paramount to TRAQ. While some might relish running in the rain, the dangers posed by flash flooding, cold and windy conditions might be too much for many others.

Finally Parks and Wildlife have just informed us that all campsites are closed and the whole park is likely to be closed from later today for the next few days.

We have rescheduled the event with Parks and Wildlife for 7 March 2015, which is a postponement of 2 weeks. The program will be the same. We will transfer your entries to that date, so you don’t need to do anything if this suits you. However, if this date does not suit you, please notify us by Sunday 22 February and we will give you a refund, which will be your entry fee minus $20. Also, if you will be changing your travel arrangements (bus/car) please let us know.

For refunds (by Sunday 22 February) or change in travel arrangements, please contact me via email:

I am sorry for the inconvenience and I hope that the new date suits you!

On another matter. A number of people have missed out on entries because of the entry cut-off date. Therefore, in a few days from now, we will provide them and others the opportunity to (re) enter for the new event date until Sunday 2 March, or until booked out. Be aware that we are currently close to our entry limit.

Yours in running.

Hubertien Wichers

Race Organiser

Mt Glorious Sat 21st Feb 2015

Mt Gloriousbanner

2015 race entries open! 

Mt Glorious – Race Information – Saturday 21 Feb 2015

Entry: click here

course map: click here
course profile: click here
finish: click here
directions: click here
2015 entrant information: click here

Entry fee: $40.00 TRAQ Member $55.00 non-TRAQ member

TRAQ Membership details here

What you need to know:

It is a tough 22km with 1200m of climb and 650m of descent. Make sure you carry 1 litre of water.

It is a beautiful run that leads from Cedar Flats via the top of Northbrook Mountain and England Creek to the rainforest at the top of Mount Glorious, finishing at the clearing opposite the Maiala picnic area. Description: from Cedar Flats valley climb east up the ridgeline firebreak, it is initially steep, but then runnable. Turn left at the first junction, then right at Northbrook Mountain junction and go down to England Creek (midpoint and manned check point) then there is a continuous 600m climb up to the top of Mount Glorious. When you are about to reach the top, turn left onto the historic stone-lined western ridge single trail through the rainforest. There are a few stone stairs you will climb to reach the Western Window from which it is a flat run to the finish at the clearing opposite Maiala Park. Also, see map and profile.

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