Mt Glorious Report Results and Photos!

A record field with a record amount of fun! That summarises the 2016 Mt Glorious race quite well.

I am amazed about how many still had the energy to jump in front of the camera at the top of Mt Glorious, at which stage I would be about to cry seeing the stairs on the rainforest trail…. Perhaps I take these races too seriously, but I promise I love running in them.

Highlights? That is up to you individually of course, but to me it was seeing these jumping photos afterwards, the smiles, grimaces of fun and accomplishment, the gathering of family and friends aound the finish area, sharing and enjoying the catering and the coffees. Then there was Fiona’s fan club coming over the line, drowning me out at the presentations. Well done Fiona Day on winning the women’s race. I will make sure I have an amp there next year! Second and third over the line were Delina Rahmate and Chrissy Redwood.

Also, congratulations to the winner of the men’s race, Chris Walters, a great guy, great athlete and a Victory Team member. Second and third were Darryl Taylor and Benoit Liquet. All three doing sub 2 hour runs!20160221-085724-0006

Another highlight is that all of you finished, which is a great feat. As implied above, I have raced this race, so I know how tough it is! And another outstanding feat was Brendan, Tina and Brad’s run from the top so that they could join the race back to the top… you guys are crazy in the best possible way!


My great thanks go out to our volunteers, Julie, Judy, Brad, Meryll, Greg, David, Carolyn, Ray, Peter, Ricky, Lucas, Adam, Anton, Deborah, Kate, Arnstein our WICEN guys Robert, Allan, Ewan, Doug, Murray, James, Mark, Bob, our paramedic Steve, our piper Laurel and our photographer Matthew. If you feel like helping out next time, please let me know. Otherwise, see you next year at Mt Glorious if not earlier out on the trails or at one of our other events!

Mt Glorious Results 2016 and photos !

Hubertien, Mt Glorious Race Organiser