Brisbane Trail Marathon 2016 Results & Race Report

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in the inaugural Brisbane Trail Marathon. The results are posted below. Please email if any discrepancies.

Brisbane Trail Marathon 2016 Results – Results BTM 2016  updated 31.05.2016

Photos from the BTM taken by GeoSnapShot for purchase – here.


The day began early for most at 04:30am (some would call it stupid o’clock) when officials arrived at Gold Creek Reservoir to set up and the excitement of the first trail marathon in Brisbane was certainly in the cool air. Competitors and supporters soon began to turn up for registration as well as the checkpoint crews who found their way through the dark to set up. We were fortunate to have the sun rise by race time and therefore headlamps weren’t needed but many were still wearing beanies and gloves.

At 06:10am the marathon runners set off to complete a lap of the reservoir, via a challenging single trail, with Titov Slavik setting a flying pace as he passed through the start / finish area in hot pursuit of the half marathoners on the open trails of South Boundary and Centre Roads. The half marathoners had started their race on these open trails, having to negotiate the single trail at the conclusion of the race.

Once up on the Mt Nebo Break and heading for the notorious Hell Hole Break the surroundings changed to that of subtropical rainforests, where the welcome down hills would only be followed by a challenging uphill climbs.

At checkpoint 2 the courses of the two events parted with the marathon runners starting the ascent to the highest part of the course, and the half marathoners continuing along the undulating trail of Gold Creek Break. At the 20km mark the half marathon (well, half-ish marathon at just under 25km) turned onto the single trail of Gold Creek. As it is a quite technical section it was great to see so many runners doing well on this part of the course, with undulating terrain with more ups and downs than a merry-go-round.

The first male in the half marathon was Enda Cotter with a time of 2:16:26, and the first female in the half marathon was Sarah Ludowic with a time of 2:44:55.

Meanwhile, the marathon runners were on the decent down Augies Road and on the cruel climb up Creek Road before seeing the cheerful Brisbane Trial Runners checkpoint crew from checkpoint 2 again at checkpoint 4. No doubt that the last few hills were challenging the competitors and letting their legs know that this was no leisurely Sunday training run, with a few toes screaming out during the last few steep descents.

Andy Churchman was the first marathon runner home in a time of 04:00:28 and Jessica Schluter was the first female across the line at 04:58:10. Excellent results and the times to beat during next year’s BTM.


The success of this event could not have happened without the planning and experience of the TRAQ committee, and in particular Hubertien who’s experience and her vast knowledge of structuring a trail running event was without question a key factor in the success of this event.

I would like to thank the WICEN team for providing on-course communications between checkpoints and race control, so that we knew at all times in which section runners were.

I would also like give my appreciation and thanks to everyone who made it all happen on the day, thanks also goes to Tim and Laura from The Trail Co for their support and prizes, the Babling Babes for the BBQ, Hammer Sports Nutrition for supplying “HEED” sports drink.

To all the volunteers and supporters who contributed to the smooth running of this event, a very big thank you..

The trail runners themselves have made this event a great success and many have indicated that the Brisbane Trail Marathon will be a ‘must do’ event on their event calendar for next year, so TRAQ will ensure it will be back next year on Sunday 28th May 2017.

See you out there on the trails!

Paul Vennells

Race Director

Brisbane Trail Marathon