Rainbow Beach – 12/13 Nov 2011

pic: Carlo sandblow

The Rainbow Beach/Trail Run weekend will be held on the 12th/13th of November 2011. There will be a number of distances on offer to cater for most runners.

Saturday 12th of November

2:00pm – Beach Mile
2:15pm – 10km
2:30pm – Kids Kilometre
3:00pm – 5km

All runs on the Saturday are out and back on the beach starting near the lifesavers hut.
Registration will be near the lifesavers hut from 1:00pm – 2:50pm.
A sausage sizzle will be held in conjunction with the runs. It will be free to entrants in the 5 and 10km runs. (Use finishers ticket) Others will need to pay on the day.

Sunday 13th of November

Based at Sports Club

4:30am – Trail/Beach run of 43kms
6:30am – Trail run of 11kms starting from Bymien picnic area. (Staggered starts if more than 15 entries)
7:30am – Trail run of 5km

Registration: At Sports Club between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday evening (nice meals there) or from 4am on Sunday.

Breakfast: All events on the Sunday finish at the Sports Club where breakfast will be on until 11am. Breakfast is a choice of bacon, eggs and toast OR meusli and fruit for entrants. Extras can be purchased. Finishers tickets to be used for breakfast.


Rainbow Beach is 238kms north of Brisbane and is a 3 hr drive.

Entry Forms

Entry form

Online entry

Entrant list


There is a range of accommodation available, from tent sites to luxury rooms at various locations. Below is just some of those…

Rainbow Beach holiday village

Rainbow Waters holiday park

Inskip camping links

Plantation Resort

Rainbow Getaway apartments

Google Earth file (right click on the link below the graphic to download the Google Earth file)

Rainbow beach run Click to download kmz file

pic: Carlo sandblow

Ian and Bill crossing the Blow

The trail to Poona

One of the many trail markers

Taking a well earned break at the Double Island Point lighthouse

Looking back towards Freshwater from the lighthouse

Rainbow Beach ultra

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Beach – 12/13 Nov 2011”

  1. Forgot to add… There will be water/Endura stops for the 43kms. There will be no cups.
    Checkpoints will be up to 12kms apart so it would be wise to carry fluids.
    Checkpoint distances from the start are roughly…
    6 km

  2. Entrants will be transported to Bymien.

    There is a variety of accommodation within 500 metres of the start. Cheapest would be the caravan park.

    There is no time limit on the 43km. If runners do not make the seaward side of Leisha Track by 9am they will be directed take a shortcut across the track and not be allowed to go on to the lighthouse. This would cut about 6kms off the distance.

  3. I too am interested in the responses to Amanda’s questions. The event would be my first ultra so need to make sure I will be able to meet the time limit.


  4. Hi, I am would like to enter the 43km Rainbow Beach event 13 Nov, is there a time limit and are there any drink stops, or is it a case of a full fuel belt?

  5. With a 4:30 start for the Ultra, trying to find on the map just where the nearest accommodation is to the start ?. I’m guessing the start/finish is the same place as when i last did this as a race in 1995 but my memories are very vague.

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