Mt Glorious Mountain Trails – Sunday 24 Feb 2019



Mt Glorious – Race Information – Sunday 24 Feb 2019

course map
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2018 Race resultsreport and photos.

Entry fee: $40 for TRAQ members, $55 for non-members.

Register here. Entries will close Saturday 23 Feb 2pm. List of participants here

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What you need to know:

It is a tough 22km with 1200m of climb and 650m of descent. Make sure you carry 1 litre of water.

It is a beautiful run that leads from Cedar Flats via the top of Northbrook Mountain and England Creek to the rainforest at the top of Mount Glorious, finishing at the clearing opposite the Maiala picnic area.

Description: from Cedar Flats valley climb east up the ridgeline firebreak, it is initially steep, but then runnable. Turn left at the first junction, then right at Northbrook Mountain junction and go down to England Creek (midpoint and manned check point) then there is a continuous 600m climb up to the top of Mount Glorious.

When you are about to reach the top, turn left onto the historic stone-lined western ridge single trail through the rainforest. There are a few stone stairs you will climb to reach the Western Window from which it is a flat run to the finish at the clearing opposite Maiala Park. Also, see map and profile below.

The course is on the west side of the ridge, which sounds relatively cool with trees providing shade over much of the course, but it can be hot in February, so make sure you wear appropriate gear, sunscreen and carry water.

Wave Starts
The race will start in 4 waves at 7:00, 7:05, 7:10 and 7:15am. It is compulsory to attend the race briefing, which will occur 10 minutes before the start of the first wave and 5 minutes before each subsequent wave.

Trophies will be presented to the fastest males and females in the first wave. So, if you are fast you have to make sure that you start in the first wave. If you are slower, please book yourself into wave 2, 3 or 4.

On entry you nominate to come by car or bus; the cost is the same. Bus entries mean we can offer a larger field since car parks are limited at Mt Glorious. The bus leaves from the Park N Ride at the end of The Gap on Waterworks Rd (near the Enoggera Dam). Buses depart at 5:00am. Try to be at the Park N Ride at 4:45am as your registration and bib pick up will be done before you get on the bus.
If you travel by car to the start: it takes 70 minutes from Brisbane central to travel via Mt Glorious to Red Cedar picnic area (White Cedar is for other members of the public). Please add time to register and get ready etc. At Red Cedar follow marshals directions to car parking.

Please share a car to travel to and from the race to reduce the traffic on the mountain and the pressure on limited car parks. Online entry asks if you can help others, or if you need a lift. If you respond yes, we will get you in touch with other runners in your area.


From Brisbane: via Kelvin Grove Rd, left into Samford Rd, straight through Samford roundabout onto Mt Glorious Rd, right at top of range to Mt Glorious township, continue north along range then descend past Wivenhoe Lookout to the second picnic area at Cedar Flats.

From The Gap: Waterworks Road, which turns into Mount Nebo Rd, follow all the way over Mt Glorious down to the flats.

From Ipswich: Follow Ferndale and Wivenhoe-Somerset Rds

Drive safely and be very careful in wet weather, because the road can be slippery. Use a low gear on the descent of Mt Glorious.

After the race and presentations, shuttle buses will take people back to their cars at Cedar Flats at 10:15, 10:30 and if needed at about 11:15. The busses back to The Gap will leave at from about 11:15 and about 12:00.

On the day registration, toilets and after race gear
Toilets and registration are at Red Cedar (800m to start). You can use the White Cedar toilet facilities as well (150m to start). You will find directions to the start line. Please follow the cones and cross at the designated crossing point; it is a safety requirement; Very fast cars and motorbikes travel this road. Make sure you start in your designated wave.
Leave gear you need for after the race on the smallest bus, which is parked between the picnic areas and the start.

Hydration, Food and Post Race Gear:
This is a remote area so carry your own water (1L); top-ups are at three self-help points (see map) and the one manned midpoint checkpoint at England Creek. There will be no cups so you must carry a refillable container. Post-race brunch including wraps, fruit and liquids are free. Coffee etc at available at several nearby cafes. After-race gear will be transferred from start to the finish by the small bus.

If you bring your family/friends and want to make it a longer visit, the Maiala picnic area is a great spot for some further R&R. There is usually plenty of water in the stream to wash or cool off after. Also, there are toilets, picnic tables, wood barbecues and water (boil before drinking) at Cedar Flats.

Pricing, Refunds, Changes to the Race
Members pay $40, non-members $55.

Refunds are available up to two weeks before the race, less $20. Online entries close 2pm on 23 Feb 2019, or when the race is full, which usually happens. It is unlikely that the event would be cancelled, but wild weather has caused the course to be changed before and last year the event was postponed by 2 weeks, so please keep an eye out for any emails and Facebook

Course marking
The course has only a few intersections, yet is clearly marked with TRAQ arrows and tape. Don’t cross any tape that is on the ground or raised and look for the arrows.

If you have any questions please email Julie: or

2018 winners,  and record holders Kim Knox and Jonathan Peters

First river crossing

2011 was steamy:

James Bamber on the home stretch in 2012, 3rd in 2:02

The finish at Maiala picnic area, Mount Glorious

11 thoughts on “Mt Glorious Mountain Trails – Sunday 24 Feb 2019”

  1. im not ready for this yet but would like to try trail runs what would i need to train for them i would like the help
    thanks bruce macaulay

  2. Hi Guys,

    Really keen to to the Glorious Trail this weekend, I’m a little underdone on hill work (nothing) but have a good base of running under my belt. I have done Brisbane Trail Half Marathon at Gold Creek, could someone compare it to that just so i know if i am up for it. Just keep reading how tough Glorious is thats all.


  3. There is no formal cutoff – we couldn’t anyway as there’s only two ways out, you finish or you hitch a lift with the checkpoint crew – but you should only enter this event if you are hill-fit and confident you can cover the course (22km with 1,500m of climb) in under 4 hours.

  4. Hi you say this is for fit runners. I run around 12k each Saturday and run up and down the goat track on Tuesday’s. Do you think someone with my level of fitness could compete in the 3rd wave. What is the min level in of fitness needed?

    1. Hi Penny, the first 4k is uphill with 600m elevation gain. Also another longer steady climb in the 22k. It can be hot as well. Running up and down the goat track is great training. If you think you can do the distance then go for it. Regards Grant Cameron – TRAQ

    2. If your 12km run is flat and ‘around’ means sometimes less … I’d recommend you add a weekly run and do a shorter run the day after your 12km. The elevation plus running on tired legs means this will be a test. Consider adding a Park Run 5km.

      Depends how much you want to enjoy vs grimace thru the day!

  5. Can anybody give me an idea as to how the Mount Glorious Trail run compares with the Lake Manchester trail run for difficulty? It may give me an indication of what I’m letting myself in for if I register for Mount Glorious.

    1. Mt Glorious has a long uphill start. Approx 3.8k and another gradual climb later in the run. Lake Manchester has all those small ups and downs plus the big climb on the loop. Both tough courses. I’d say Mt Glorious is harder. Don’t tire yourself on the Mt Glorious start and you’ll be fine if you have completed Lake Manchester.

  6. Two questions please –
    1. Will a camelbak suffice or should I carry a water bottle as well?
    2. Do people take GU’s etc usually?
    Jeff Stoward
    Some camelbaks are too small for 2-4 hours in high humidity and not easy to refill – so when choosing, remember that we are not providing cups out at the self-help stations in the wilderness. You have a choice of refilling from either tap or bottles at four locations. Since that might mean up to an hour between refills, the camelbak is a good choice. The question is its size, and how you refill or supplement it.

    If you’re out there to enjoy the day and not worried about a few seconds, yes they’re comfortable to run with. Its personal – I prefer to carry two bottles in a light backpack, and handhelds are also popular.

    Similarly with Gu’s – very popular, but arguably unnecessary. My personal view is more people have stomach trouble with Gu’s and electrolytic drinks than benefit from them. Nuun tablets are an electrolyte which is easy to use and easy on the stomach. Just water is good too! Again personally, I just eat normal food while walking up hills, if its over say 3 hours.

    Cheers, Greg

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