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Heat Related Illness due to Exercise


Exercise and Environmental factors are the most common causes of heat related illness. However several other factors can play a part including medical illness (eg. infection), drugs/medication, dehydration, being overweight, lack of acclimatization and the extremities of age. In race situations many environmental factors such as heat, wind, and cloud cover are simply unavoidable if you choose to compete!


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Wild Horse At Night – Results 28 March

Here are the times for Wild Horse at Night.  Obviously because it was largely a training run a number of people ran together and some did times slower than they normally would.  Rolf Collett pushed hard in the 30k as did Lisa Hussey ( recent migrant from UK ) in the 20k. Most had an enjoyable time.  Report from leaders say they came across some wild life in the form of snakes.  Ian, Charlie Hall and Geoff Williams must have marked the course well as nobody got lost 🙂


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Poor Man’s 6 Foot – Sat 14 Mar

For those who missed out on the classic 6 Foot experience this year, either due to the field cap or like me lack of $$ to travel to Sydney, we offer a local equivalent – and its completely free!  Meet 7.00am at Tennison Woods Mountain carpark about 3km north of Mount Glorious for an informal and challenging outing over 18km and 750m climb. The course includes a fast downhill section (just like 6 Foot), several river crossings of Kobble Creek (more than 6 foot!), a waterfall (eat your heart out 6 Foot) and a big climb back up (yes just like 6 Foot)… Inquiries to

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