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Fire safety for trail runners

Part 1. What to do if caught in a bushfire whilst running in remote areas 

Survival in the open when confronted by an intense fire is not easy. The threats to life come from three sources:
(1) Radiant heat so intense as to induce heat stroke:
(2) Smoke and hot gases able to induce asphyxiation:
(3) Flames which induce actual burns. 

What will the fire do?
The fire behavior is influenced by three main factors:
The fuel: The weather: The topography. 

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Fats Festive Fatass – Brisbane Forest Park 27 Dec

A chance to run off those extra Christmas calories! Join the now traditional but totally disorganised Fats Festive Fatass, a fixture in the calendar for hardened trail runners. Starting from Payne’s Road you can go all the way to Mt Nebo and get a lift back, or double-up and return. There’s always time to linger over coffee or iceblocks at the tiny Mt Nebo cafe, depending on the weather.
This year’s date is Tuesday 27 December, starting at 5.30am.
Link to Coolrunning forum:  here
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Rainbow Beach social training run – Saturday 11th June 2011

On the Saturday of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend a social/training run at Rainbow Beach will be held to help finalise plans for the Rainbow Beach weekend on November 12th & 13th 2011 more details here. The low tide is around the midday on Saturday 11th and we need some faster runners to start around 8-9am and see how long it takes you to do the 43km long run. It is about 18km before you hit the beach at Freshwater – Double Is Point section so you should be there around low tide which is what’s planned for in November. Martin Schot will be your guide as he knows the course. Support should be at Freshwater and Leisha Track area. Those who don’t want to do the longer run may just do the 11-12k shorter run from Bymien back to Rainbow. Ian Javes and Joe Raftery will be your guide here. Gympie’s Race the Rattler run is on the Monday 13th June at nearby Gympie.  Perhaps some might do that on their way home to top off a great weekend of running.


There is a range of accommodation available, from tent sites to luxury rooms at various locations. Below is just some of those…

Rainbow Beach holiday village
Rainbow Waters holiday park
Inskip camping links
Plantation Resort
Rainbow Getaway apartments

Please contact Ian Javes of your interest: