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Pinnacles Classic – Confirmed for Sunday 30 April 2017

Pinnacles Classic – Confirmed for Sunday 30 April 2017

Due to Cyclone Debbie we had to postpone the Pinnacles Classic from the 2nd of April to Sunday the 30th of April.

If you have already registered for this event, please check your emails for a message from Hubertien, with further details.

We have extended the entry closing date till 29 April – Entries Closed

Become a member here (via Qld Athletics) to join TRAQ and to receive a discount on the entry fee.

2016 Results here

The Pinnacles Classic is the race where the hills feel like mountains!

This classic race over the many hills at Brookfield around the Gold Creek Reservoir will have a little difference this year. Instead of starting at the gate, we’ll start behind the dam wall. There is more space there, with less risk of running into each other and interference with other users, and, as we experienced at the Brisbane Trail Marathon, it’s great to see the runners coming in over the dam wall.

This year we’ll run the course in anti clockwise direction, so we’ll take off running back towards the gate and then up the hill towards South Boundary Road. There is one checkpoint half way at the rain gauge, so it is necessary that you carry as much as you need to make it to that point. Remember that even in late April it can be still quite hot. Take some fuel for on the way as well, but there will be some fruit and goodies at the checkpoint.

Date and Time: Planned rescheduled date: Sunday 30th April, fast wave starts at 7am, slow wave starts at 6:40am.  Race briefings are 10 mins before the starts. Be there at least 30 mins before your start to pick up your bib and nominate your start time.

Car-pooling required: Options are available during the registration process.

Course: The course is 18km long over serious hills in Brisbane Forest Park (d’Aguillar National Park), at the end of Gold Creek Road Brookfield, starting from Gold Creek Reservoir.  It is a race for seriously fit runners. See the map and course profile further below.

Catering: The entry fee includes a BBQ afterwards, but there will be also fruit, water and (sports) drink to replenish what you have left out there on the trails. Thanks to The Gap State High School students who are raising funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation to organise the catering for this event! Coffees are available too, but they are for you to purchase separately.

Registration and cost: For participants 18 years and older: entries close at 10 am Saturday 29th April with 150 entrants allowed. Entry cost $35 for TRAQ members and $42.50 for non-members. Entries Closed

TRAQ Membership details here. TRAQ has affiliated with Queensland Athletics (QA). 2016 Annual Membership fees are $17.50 per individual. The registration year runs from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017.

Register now, but nominate your wave on the day when you pick up your race bib from the registration table at least 30min before your start.  Race briefing takes place 10 min before the start of each wave.  Main wave (2) starts at 7am, very slow wave (1) starts at 6:40am.

Please note that the winners and placings are taken from wave 2!

Fuel and Nutrition: you need to carry at least 750mls of fluids. There is one checkpoint halfway along the course with water, electrolytes and lollies.

I hope you will have great fun running this great course, and I am looking forward sharing a laugh and something to eat/drink with you at the finish line!

Hubertien Wichers , Pinnacles Classic Race Organiser

Please email me for further race enquiries

Video here

Course Map

Pinnacles Map

Course Profile

Pinnacles Elevations

Strava Event

Results from 2016

Results from 2015

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Pics and report from 2009 

2014 Race Video


Walkabout Creek Trails Race – 10 July 2016

Walkabout Creek Run – 9.3km – The Gap – Sunday 10 July 2016

Please find the Walkabout Creek Trails Race 2016 results here.

Awesome action shots from the Walkabout Creek Trail Race on the weekend can be viewed and purchased here: GeoSnapShot. Thanks Matthew and Scott for the awesome shots

Registration: here. Results from last year: results. Become a member here.

Individual TRAQ Member$25.00

Individual Non TRAQ Member $30.00

Welcome to the second running of the Walkabout Creek Trails Race. It is a beautiful course around the Enoggera Reservoir on SEQ Water land within the d’Aguilar National Park.


In recent years, this area has been developed for recreation purposes, which allows us to organise this race that finishes at the Walkabout Creek Visitors and Wildlife Centre. It is fantastic to have access to this beautiful area only 15minutes away from the Brisbane CBD at The Gap.

The course is fairly short at 9.3km and suitable to most runners from the fast runner who would like to have a nice hit-out to people who are new to trail running or to those who would like to have a nice social run with friends. However,  you need to be 16 years or older. If you are between 16 and 18, you need to have your parent/guardian to sign the waiver.

If you would like to register as a TRAQ member, make sure you are a current financial member. Membership is only $17.50 and if you are already a Qld Athletics member the fee is $7.50. Become a member here.

There are two waves, 5 minutes apart. The first wave is the fast wave, the second wave the slow wave. The first 3 males and females over the lines get the placings, so if you want to be in the running for a place, make sure you enter in the first wave. If the first wave is booked out, contact me, Hubertien on 0404 922 577 or, to get a start in the first wave.

group start

The race starts at the Enoggera Dam Wall, inside the gates of SEQ Water, which is just behind the Park ‘n Ride at the end of The Gap. Whilst the finish line is only 700m away, the course leads all the way around the reservoir for 9.3km to finish on the ‘beach’ of the Walkabout Creek Visitors and Wildlife Centre. The course covers a variety of flatter sections, steep hills, broad fire trails and single tracks.

At the finish line we’ll have a nice morning tea waiting for you, which is included in the entry fee and there is coffee available for purchase from the Green Tree Frog Cafe

Please bring along the family and some extra picnic, because Walkabout Creek is a great area to explore, take a walk, or just hang out near the finish line to see you run the trails from across the water when you have about 2km to go. Once the presentations are done and morning tea is finished, visit the Wildlife Centre with its wombat, platypus, sugar gliders, rain forest birds, snakes and many other animals. Have a look here! There are lots of interesting things to do and see for children. Of course, make sure your children are being supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Top of hill

Summary: Registration: here.  Become a TRAQ member here.

Event date: Sunday 10 July 2015 8:00 am, registrations open from 7am (you need to enter online though!)

Event distance: 9.3km

Garmin course link – here  Strava map link – here

Start: Enoggera Dam Wall (SEQ Water), The Gap

Getting there and Parking: The Gap is about 15 minutes drive from the CBD.

Drive out to The Gap along Waterworks Road towards Mt Nebo and turn left just before the Park ‘n Ride at the end of The Gap and park inside the SEQWater gates, which is about 200m from the start line.

Bussing it: consider taking the bus (385), which stops at the bus depot of The Gap Park ‘n Ride, which is right where you want to be, a mere 300m walk to the start line.

Finish: the ‘Beach’ at the Walkabout Creek Visitors and Wildlife centre, which is also the Head Quarters for this part of d’Aguilar National Park.

Finishers’ bags: A vehicle/trailer is provided at the start line to carry your finishing gear to near the finish.

Return to parking: 700m walk.

Number of participants: 150

Checkpoint: about ½ way: at this checkpoint your bib number will be recorded and there will be a self-help first aid kit.

Hydration and Fuel: There is no water or sports drink provided along this course, so if you are not sure about your hydration requirements carry at least 500ml of water. Also, make sure you are properly hydrated and fuelled at the start of the race.  Please take enough supplies with you to last you for the duration of the run, but take your litter with you.

Course familiarisation: The course will be marked, but please make sure you read the course information so that you know where you are going. TRAQ may organise a training run 2 weeks out from the race, so keep your eye out for this on the web page and on Facebook.

Garmin course link – here  Strava map link – here

First Aid: Qualified First Aid person at start and finish, self-help first aid kit at the ½ way check point.

Catering: Morning tea, water and sports drinks are provided to participants and volunteers. Coffee may be purchased from the Green Tree Frog Cafe.

If you have any questions, please give me a ring on 0404 922 577

I hope you will have a great time!

Hubertien, Walkabout Creek Trails Race Organiser and TRAQ President

Pinnacles Classic Race Entrant Information

The Pinnacles Classic is only a few sleeps away and I am really looking forward to it, and I hope you do too! I ran over the course today and it was beautiful out there in the early morning sun. I met two horses, the same ones that feature on our Facebook page right now, courtesy of Nicole and Jarrod!
There is some rain forecasted for the Saturday, so please make sure you, and possibly your supporters, are prepared (shoes with extra grip, dry clothes for afterwards, etc). Some parts of the course may be a bit more slippery than usual.
Please read the blurb below carefully, as it contains important information. If there are any further updates aside from this one, you will receive an email, but please, also keep an eye out on the website and Facebook:

Transport, Carpooling from Brookfield and Parking
• There is limited space at the start / finish area, so please make sure you don’t pass Brookfield roundabout with at least 3 people in your car.
• This means that you either take hitchhikers or you hitchhike from the area near the Brookfield roundabout, near the Brookfield shops.
• Same thing for the way back, hitch a lift back to the roundabout / shops, or if you are driving, make sure that you don’t travel by yourself!
• Make sure you have a towel to sit on in the car! If it rains, we’ll make sure that there is a gazebo under which you can put your stuff.
• Near the start / finish line there are two parking areas:
o The small car park at the start / finish line.
o A small paddock about 500 m from the start / finish line (and off the road on the left hand side near that paddock). A friend if mine very kindly opened this paddock, so make sure you leave the least impact without rubbish.
• Allow about 10 min drive from the roundabout / shops to the end of Gold Creek Road: see map below
• At the Brookfield roundabout / shops there are toilets opposite the shops at the bus stop.
• We have already sent out emails to get people from the same direction to get lifts with each other (if you have indicated to carpool).
Registration and Start Times
• Registration is at the start/finish area. You can register and pick up your bib from 5:55am
• Please register 30mins before your race. You can choose which wave you would like to start in on the day, but keep in mind that you cannot receive a placing from the slow wave that starts at 6:40am.
• The 6:40am start is for the people normally finish in the back of the field and who would like to take their time. As mentioned, no placings or winners will be declared from this early start.
• Other runners start at 7am. Placings will be taken from this start.
Coffee and Toilets
• There are toilets at the bus stop at the Brookfield shops, so consider stopping there on the way
• There is a toilet block at the start / finish line and a portable toilet. The toilet block is about 200m from the start / finish area, arrows will point you in the right direction.
• There is coffee available for purchase at the registration / start area, so get your coffee fix at the start line!
The Course
• The 18km hilly course: run clock wise this year, so you keep the reservoir on your right hand side at all times. Have a look at the course map on the website.
• The course will be well marked, but please keep your eyes open for signs.
• Follow instructions from officials.
• There are some slippery bits on the south side of the course; take care on them.
• The mid-race checkpoint will be manned by Alen and Alastair. Allen has radio communication with the start / finish line, so report to him anything that might be relevant to the race organisation or to other runners, particularly regarding safety; and if anyone needs first aid or medical attention report that to him.
• At the checkpoint there will be a self help first aid kit, water, sports/electrolyte drinks, fruit and lollies.
• Call out your bib number at the checkpoint if you are running through, and make your bib number visible.
Contacts During and outside Race Times
• Hubertien Wichers’ phone number in your phone: 0404 922 577
• If emergency services are needed, dial 000 or 112, then contact Hubertien (outside race times).
Nutrition, Hydration and First Aid, Waste, Compulsory Water and Recommended Kit
• You MUST carry water during the race.
• A first aid kit will be at the start / finish area and a First aid officer, unless he /she is called out onto the course. The checkpoint also has a self-help first aid kit.
• Checkpoint information you find under ‘The Course’ above.
• If you have favourite things to eat and drink for a hilly 18km race, carry them with you.
• However, don’t leave any waste behind, carry any waste of wrappers etc with you or leave it behind at the checkpoint.
• Recommended kit includes a mobile phone, map of the course (see website) and compression bandage.
• Please read the following snakebite information:

I am looking forward to see you all on race-day!
Hubertien, TRAQ event organiser and president.

2016 TRAQ Committee & 2015 TTROY Winners

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM.  We appreciate your time, effort and passion for TRAQ and your input on the day.

Our 2016 committee is:
Hubertien Wichers – President,
Peter Holles – Vice-president
Julie Ellet – Secretary and volunteer coordinator
Matthew Welch – Treasurer
Committee Members: Paul Vennells, Grant Cameron and Phil Moy.

The 2015 TTROY Winners were awarded their plaque on the day. Congratulations to Vivienne Buss and Jonathan Peters!

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