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Mt Glorious Report Results and Photos!

A record field with a record amount of fun! That summarises the 2016 Mt Glorious race quite well.

I am amazed about how many still had the energy to jump in front of the camera at the top of Mt Glorious, at which stage I would be about to cry seeing the stairs on the rainforest trail…. Perhaps I take these races too seriously, but I promise I love running in them.

Highlights? That is up to you individually of course, but to me it was seeing these jumping photos afterwards, the smiles, grimaces of fun and accomplishment, the gathering of family and friends aound the finish area, sharing and enjoying the catering and the coffees. Then there was Fiona’s fan club coming over the line, drowning me out at the presentations. Well done Fiona Day on winning the women’s race. I will make sure I have an amp there next year! Second and third over the line were Delina Rahmate and Chrissy Redwood.

Also, congratulations to the winner of the men’s race, Chris Walters, a great guy, great athlete and a Victory Team member. Second and third were Darryl Taylor and Benoit Liquet. All three doing sub 2 hour runs!20160221-085724-0006

Another highlight is that all of you finished, which is a great feat. As implied above, I have raced this race, so I know how tough it is! And another outstanding feat was Brendan, Tina and Brad’s run from the top so that they could join the race back to the top… you guys are crazy in the best possible way!


My great thanks go out to our volunteers, Julie, Judy, Brad, Meryll, Greg, David, Carolyn, Ray, Peter, Ricky, Lucas, Adam, Anton, Deborah, Kate, Arnstein our WICEN guys Robert, Allan, Ewan, Doug, Murray, James, Mark, Bob, our paramedic Steve, our piper Laurel and our photographer Matthew. If you feel like helping out next time, please let me know. Otherwise, see you next year at Mt Glorious if not earlier out on the trails or at one of our other events!

Mt Glorious Results 2016 and photos !

Hubertien, Mt Glorious Race Organiser


Mt Glorious Update: Bus bookings sold out and bus leaving from new pick-up point: the Park N Ride at The Gap

Exactly one week to go. The bus is booked out, but if you really cannot make it on your own accord to the start line or if you change your mind and will take the car to the start line, please contact Hubertien at, so that she can manage the spaces on the bus.

Also, the pickup / drop off point for the bus at The Gap has changed, it is now a little further along the road to Mt Nebo at the end of The Gap at the Park N Ride.

Park N Ride

Shirt featured above can be purchased after the race for $35 or via Facebook later on.

Please look out for an email from me (including in your spam folder) for last details about the race!

See you all on Sunday!

Hubertien, TRAQ Mt Glorious Race organiser

Hares & Hounds 2016 – Woodford – 10th January 2016

The Hares & Hounds event is in its 10th year and going strongly. So join in on the fun, register now and take advantage of the early bird discount! The event starts and finishes at the Woodford pool in which you can have a refreshing plunge after your run.

Originally organised by TRAQ, this event is now organised by the Run Inn. However, if you are a TRAQ member you enjoy entry fee discounts for the individual events and you will also accumulate points that go towards the 2016 Trail Runner of the Year award (2016 TTROY award). You can also enter as a team if you are in for a bit of fun and don’t fancy running the 52km by yourself.

TRAQ members discounts are $10, $4 and $3 for the 52, 10 and 5km distances respectively.  You can join TRAQ here for $17.50.  TRAQ is now affiliated with Queensland Athletics, so the registration takes place via their system. Just select ‘Trail Running Association of Queensland’ from the ‘clubs’ drop down list.

Last but not least, enter here to navigate to the Hares & Hounds event site.

See you there!

TRAQ Event Dates 2016

TRAQ is proud to announce its event dates for 2016. We are still finalising the permits, but these are the likely dates. The calendar contains the usual events, including the recently added Walkabout Creek Trails run, which proved to be a great community event. We are putting up a new event: the Brisbane Trail Marathon, which will be run on the lower parts of Mt Nebo; starting/finishing at the Enoggera Dam. More details will follow!

As a not for profit organisation, run by runners for runners, we are keen to get your help at events, so that we can continue giving our fellow runners great experiences out there in the bush. If you have feedback or have great ideas for an event, we would also like to hear from you. Just email us at and leave us a message to contact you.

Mount Glorious Trails Run: Sunday 21 February (Mt Glorious) entries open here

Pinnacles Classic: Saturday 16 April (Gold Creek Reservoir, Brookfield)

Brisbane Trail Marathon
: Sunday 29 May (Enoggera Reservoir, The Gap)

Walkabout Creek Trails Run: Sunday 10 July (Enoggera Reservoir, The Gap)

Lake Manchester Trails Run: Sunday 21 August (Lake Manchester, Kholo)

Washpool World Heritage Trails: Sunday 16 October (Washpool and Gibraltar National Parks, between Glen Innes and Grafton (NSW)

See you out on the trails!

Hubertien Wichers
President, TRAQ