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Mt Glorious 2013 report

Congratulations to all finishers! Final results here: click here

My favourite post race email: “Thank you for a fantastic run on the weekend. It was by far the most beautiful run I’ve ever done.” Thank you Nic! – even if storm damage precluded the usual river crossings and the remote ridgeline above Cedar Flats. The mountain certainly threw everything at us this year; rain on the start line, road closures and widespread treefalls the week before – and the coffee van failed to make it up the wet Mt Glorious road, perhaps a greater tragedy for some city slickers… Continue reading Mt Glorious 2013 report

Washpool 2012 Report and Results

Washpool 2012 results

First, thank you all for making the journey this year. We were within one person of filling our permited field of 120, so despite the remote location this race has matured nicely. Of course, the remote location and quality trails are the attraction here, and your word of mouth will help keep us filled in future years. Don’t worry though; past entrants will get early notice, before entries open in early July 2013. Continue reading Washpool 2012 Report and Results