2018/19 Membership open now. Link Here

TRAQ’s new membership year starts on the first of October 2018, so you are able to sign up now and get the membership discount entry fee for all of our events up to October next year.

The Committee decided to keep the same low membership fee that we asked for during the first nine months of this year. Once again we joined up with Qld Athletics and QRun to ensure that we are part of the bigger running family and because this affiliation allows us to maintain very low membership fees, as we are covered by their insurance.

The basic TRAQ membership fee is $17.50,  and TRAQ Volunteer (no running!) membership is free. If you are considering participating in more events of Qld Athletics (Track and Field and Cross Country) you can now become a TRAQ Dual Member for $62.50 . This is a nice offer by Qld Athletics to us because of our special ‘State Body’ Status, which basically gives the Traditional Qld Athletics Membership at 1/2 price. These are the most popular memberships, contact me if you would like to become a TRAQ member with a different Qld Athletics membership.

We’d love to have your company again for all of our events!

Benefits for members:

  • Personal accident cover at TRAQ and QA events.
  • Generous TRAQ discount on entries.
  • QA access to their events/championships and events organised by other affiliated clubs/organisations.
  • Allows you to represent the state and Australia at national and international level in athletics events.…. if you have that ambition.

If you would like to receive more discounts for QA events, you can take up a more expensive membership option. This may suit you if you for example would like to participate in many track and field events.

Helping at events is also a great way to give something back. More helpers mean more events.  If you can help out at any event please send us an email Most jobs are easy and you a good way to get to know your fellow runners better too – some, like course marking or demarking, still let you run on the day.

We also welcome out-of-state supporters; you can just sign up for the newsletter to keep in touch with the trails scene, or join if you wish.

Please read our medical and other risk factors booklet – MEDICAL AND OTHER RISK FACTORS

Who is TRAQ?

You! The membership sets our priorities at the Annual General Meeting and, through volunteering occasionally, makes events possible. You’ll also notice occasional survey questions like “where would you most like to see a new trail run” slipped into online entries, so we get some direct feedback.

TRAQ Trail Runner of the Year

A Perpetual Shield and voucher will be rewarded to the male and female TRAQ Trail Runner of the Year (TTROY). This will be presented at the Annual AGM. This award is to encourage participation and volunteering. Points will be awarded from races after the AGM in February to the next AGM. details here

Our 2018 committee is:

Michael Duggan – President

Hubertien Wichers – Treasurer
Julie Ellet – volunteer coordinator

Committee Members: Paul Vennells, Joris van der Geer, Pete Walker, Greg Coultier, Warwick Nichols

From 2015 AGM

A big thanks to Ian Javes for all his years of dedication and hard work. Thanks also to outgoing committee members Grant Cameron Ed O’Connor and Lynn Davies for their valuable contributions and support to TRAQ over many years.

2015-02-28 TRAQ AGM 004

From 2014 AGM

A special mention to Greg Waite who’s travelling this year and for all his effort in getting TRAQ to where it is today! Thanks Greg.

7 thoughts on “Membership”

    1. Thanks for entering all those races. You’re a very keen trail runner. Sorry not much we can do now about the membership. Enjoy the races!

  1. Hi guys,

    I have just purchased a family membership for my wife and I as my individual membership is up in June. There was no where to input her name on the membership. When she enters an event can she get the TRAQ discount even though her name isn’t associated with the family membership? Her name is Lori Anderson-Glover (the one that came third placed female in the Cook’s 80k and squealed like a banshee!)

    Best regards,

    Chris Glover

    1. Hi Chris,
      yes your family is able to get the discount. We are looking into updating the registration process to add family member’s names.

  2. awesome! I saw a lady with a running shirt with your logo on it, looked great…. I want one! after my membership is paid can I purchase a shirt from you guys?
    thanks …great work

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