Night Trail Run – Tues 12 Feb 7pm

(Update: deferred due to weather warnings, new date to be advised) After several discussions and some solid interest shown, it’s time to strap on the head torches and head to the Environmental Park on Tuesday 12th February at 7:00pm for a night trail run. We will be meeting at the Phelps Road entrance (off Caboolture River Rd) to minimise the disturbance to local residents. It should be a fun event.

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Classic mountain trails site

Here’s a New Zealander’s site which profiles some classic mountain routes (ie not races). Typical comment: “It is legal to run the Milford track at anytime, in any direction, and without asking anyone for permission (i.e. it is a public track in a national park, booking applies only to the huts), however you may wish to talk to DOC (Te Anau) first; also be sure you’re fit enough to do this trip as you will be unpopular if you get into trouble on the track. Make sure the forecast is good and that Dore Pass is clear of snow before you start!”